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Festoon Treatment

What are festoons? Why are they so important?

Festoons are bags which occur anterior to the cheek bones in some individuals. They are also called cheek or malar bags, or even malar mounds. When they are pronounced, they can cause seriously deleterious effects on one’s appearance. What is worse is that some folks, who may not know better, assume that their presence indicates that the person with them has a problem with chronic drinking.

Unlike bags in the lower eyelids, festoons are not due to herniated or anteriorly protruding orbital fat. And unlike the bags in the lower eyelids, festoons are not improved with eyelid surgery. In fact, cosmetic surgery on the lower eyelids, which does not address the festoons, may even make them appear worse by removing the eyelid fullness above the festoon.

Traditionally, festoons have been difficult to treat. As mentioned above, they are not improved with traditional lower eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty). And unfortunately they are not improved with a traditional facelift procedure either.

Fortunately, Dr. Kass has developed an answer for this difficult problem which has proved greatly successful in the vast majority of the patients he has treated. Treating the festoon with a unique resurfacing technique, Dr. Kass avoids the unacceptable scars associated with direct surgical excision, and also avoids the use of costly, less predictable laser procedures.

With more than 27 years of clinical practice and after performing thousands and thousands of facial procedures, Dr. Kass is simply the most experienced cosmetic facial and eye plastic surgeon practicing in the Tampa Bay area today. Do you really want to trust your face to anyone else?

Dr. Kass has performed this procedure on many satisfied patients during his successful career. Why trust your face to anyone else?

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