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Weekend Lift

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This patient came in to see me complaining of a double chin. She wanted to look better, without looking like she had plastic surgery. The patient elected to have Dr. Kass preform a Weekend Lift on her. During her last appointment, she stated that she loved her results! She felt more refreshed and looked years younger. Her friends who didn’t know that she had surgery weren’t sure what it was that was different, only that she looked well rested, like she had had an extended vacation. She said the results were exactly what she was looking for, and it was thanks to her amazing surgeon, Dr. Kass!


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This very sweet patient presented to Dr. Kass complaining of having a "gobbler" or a “turkey” neck. The patient stated that she truly felt like a turkey, and when she talked, she felt like people were only staring at her neck, and not at her as a person. She wanted to have definition, without looking like she had extensive work done. At her 1 month post op, she stated that she looked and felt like a new woman. Dr. Kass more than surpassed her expectations with her results, and she was proud and just at a loss for words to express how grateful she felt and looked with her results!

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Hetter Chemical Peel with Facial Resurfacing, Fat Transfer to the Upper and Lower Lips, and Necklift with Platysmaplasty

This 56-year-old woman was unhappy with the lines on her cheek and above her upper lip, the thinness of her upper lip, her under-eye bags, droopy eyebrows, lines on her forehead and the bands in her neck. She underwent laser treatments to her upper lip and Thermage by another doctor and was disappointed that she saw no improvement with either treatment.

She was ecstatic with her results. Every single one of her concerns was addressed, improved, and corrected. What do you think? Weekend Lift, Endoscopic Eyebrow and Forehead lifts, Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery, Hetter Chemical Peel with Facial Resurfacing, Fat Transfer to the Upper and Lower Lips, and Necklift with Platysmaplasty.


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Weekend Lift, Endoscopic Eyebrow and Forehead lift, Neck Lift, Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery, and Hetter Chemical Peel with Facial Resurfacing

This 56-year-old woman was unhappy with her appearance. She stressed that she did not want to look like anyone else. She just wanted to look like a younger version of herself. She was concerned about her history of Dry Eye Syndrome. In the last year, she had two chemical peels by another doctor and had not noticed any improvement.

She did not notice any worsening of her dry eye syndrome after her surgery. This patient was so happy with her younger, and refreshed appearance.


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Weekend Lift, Neck Lift with Suture Platysmaplasty and a Blue Peel (with TCA)

This 53-year-old woman hated the sad face which greeted her in the mirror each morning. She was most unhappy with her jowls, the loss of her jaw line, the down turning of the corner of her mouth, the bands in her neck, and the appearance of her skin. She also wasn't happy about her eyelids but, like many patients, did not want to do everything at the same time.

This patient was thrilled with her results. It took years off of her appearance. Don't you agree? She is so happy she can't wait to go ahead with eyelid surgery and is planning for it now.


Face Lift

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Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery, Face Lift, Neck lift (with liposuction and tightening of the neck muscles with suture suspension)

This is a 71-year-old man who is working as a business consultant. He believes that his "tired" appearance may be hurting him as he loses clients to more youthful-looking competitors. He does not mind looking his age and he is not trying to look like a movie star. He wants to look more vigorous and less tired.

He was so grateful that the first person he referred to Dr. Kass after his recovery was his wife!


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Face Lift, Neck Lift with Liposuction, Midface (Cheek) Lift, Upper and Lower Eyelids, Hetter Resurfacing Peel around Mouth (to get rid of annoying smokers' lines), and Fat Transfer to the Lips

This 63-year-old woman was referred to Dr. Kass by her husband. She had previously had surgery on her upper eyelids by another surgeon and was requesting only surgery on her lower eyelids.

Needless to say, she was ecstatic with her results!


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Face Lift, Neck Lift with Liposuction, Endoscopic Forehead Lift With Upper Eyelids, Transconjunctival (No Visible Incisions, No Sutures) Lower Eyelid Surgery, and a Hetter Chemical Peel

This is a 58-year-old woman who works as a Registered Nurse. She was quite nervous about having "elective" surgery because she had an inherited bleeding disorder.

After obtaining medical clearance, she underwent an her surgery. There was no unusual bleeding before, during or after her procedure. She was delighted with her results.


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Medically Necessary Ptosis Repair of Both Upper Eyelids, Upper and Lower Cosmetic Eyelid Procedures, Endoscopic Forehead and Midface (Cheek) Lifts, Face Lift, Neck Lift with Suture Suspension Platysmaplasty, and Facial Resurfacing with the Hetter Chemical Peel Procedure

This 71-year-old woman came to me complaining of her droopy upper eyelids (Ptosis). Once she realized how much more could be done to improve her appearance, she underwent medically necessary Ptosis repair of both upper eyelids, upper and lower cosmetic eyelid procedures, endoscopic forehead and midface (cheek) lifts, facelift, neck lift with suture suspension platysmaplasty, and facial resurfacing with the Hetter chemical peel procedure. She was thrilled!


Midface Lift

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This 65 year old woman, about to retire, wanted to look her very best as she began the new activities of her retirement. Initially, she presented for just upper eyelid surgery. But she was so delighted with her results that, after just one week, she decided that she also wanted lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), festoon treatment with localized Hetter Facial Resurfacing, and bilateral midface lifts. Here she is at just a couple of months after surgery. And there will be even greater improvement as she continues to heal! She states that she is absolutely thrilled with her results. She tells us that her husband is so happy because she is so happy. She says she is constantly getting complemented about her eyes, and that now she faces her retirement activities with renewed vigor and self-confidence. In fact, she is even thinking about what she wants Dr. Kass to do next for her!


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This 59-year-old woman said that other people were always asking her if she was tired. She had tried facial laser treatments from another doctor in order to look more alert and refreshed but she was not satisfied with the results of these treatments. She was particularly concerned about the "fluid bags" on both cheeks which she said made her look like her mother.

Dr. Kass suggested that the patient's biggest cosmetic problem were the large festoons, or cheek or malar bags or malar mounds that she had. He suggested his unique resurfacing festoon elimination treatment with bilateral mid face lifts, upper and lower blepharoplasties (eyelid surgery or eye lifts), and bilateral eyelid ptosis surgery.

The patient had absolutely no problems after surgery and was understandably delighted that all of her concerns could be addressed in a single procedure. Now she stated she did look refreshed and alert and had achieved exactly what she was seeking. Best of all, because of her mid face lifts, the "fluid bags" were all gone. Post surgery, she says she receives compliments about her appearance all of the time. At her last visit, the patient confided that she had begun seeing a "significantly younger" man and had not been forthcoming about her true age!


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This 61-year-old woman was concerned about with the loss of definition and fullness of her cheeks, drooping of her upper eyelids and eyebrows, and excess skin and fat above and below her eyes. She underwent bilateral mid face lifts, endosopic forehead lift, ptosis repair of the upper eyelids, and upper and lower eyelid surgery. When she healed, she said that these procedures had given her appearance exactly what she had wanted. Her cheeks were fuller, rounded, and more youthful, her upper eyelids and eyebrows were lifted, and her forehead and her eyelids were smooth and wrinkle-free. She was delighted!


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This 43-year-old woman was concerned about the drooping of her upper lids, loss of definition of her cheeks, and she "hated" the bags under her eyes. But even more than these, she hated the bags of her cheeks, called festoons, or cheek bags or malar mounds. For her, Dr. Kass performed his unique bilateral resurfacing of the festoons, mid face lifts, bilateral upper and lower eyelid lifts, bilateral eyelid ptosis repairs, and a full-face Hetter resurfacing chemical peel procedure.

Although this patient developed some temporary symptoms related to dry eyes and had to use moisture drops for a few months while wearing her contact lenses, she was extremely impressed with the results of her surgery. She was amazed that the surgery so successfully restored the youthful fullness to her cheeks, that the upper lids were symmetric and natural appearing, that the bags beneath her eyes were all gone, and that all of these problems could be addressed at the same time. Her husband volunteered that when he looked at her now, "it was almost like being married to a different (younger) woman."


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