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Latisse Eyelash Growth Enhancer

Eyelash Hypotrichosis

Latisse eyelash growth enhancer

Would you love longer eyelashes?

Latisse is here!

Allergan, the company that introduced Botox to the world, now introduces Latisse, the first FDA-approved prescription drug for growing longer, more lush eyelashes.

Latisse is the new answer for thinning eyelashes for women who have used every imaginable way to enhance their eyelashes with mascaras and false lashes. Latisse solves the problem of hypotrichosis, the medical term for inadequate eyelashes. Latisse treats hypotrichosis by enhancing eyelash prominence as measured by increases in the length, thickness, and darkness of the eyelashes, and is approved by the FDA.

Who wouldn’t want longer, thicker lashes safely and effectively? With nightly applications and after a period of two to four months, 80% of the study group who used Latisse noted significant improvement in the appearance of their lashes. The typical improvement for Latisse users was a 25% improvement in eyelash length, 106% improvement in eyelash thickness and an 18% improvement in eyelash darkness.

The women we have prescribed Latisse to have become devoted fans of the product. “People would say to me ‘Are you wearing false eyelashes?’ — even my own mother asked,” said one woman who participated in the Latisse clinical trial.

Although Latisse is not recommended for the lashes of the lower eyelid, for many women the appearance of the eyebrow is every bit as important as the eyelash. These patients seem to be every bit as satisfied when they use Latisse here too.

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