Any procedure we do we can do under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia. Many people are familiar with general anesthesia from watching medical shows on TV. Not only are you asleep, but a machine actually breathes for you. Local anesthesia is something that you get if you cut yourself and need stitches. The doctor gives a shot to “numb” the area and then the stitches can be placed painlessly. When we use local anesthesia for our office procedures, we usually offer a mild sedative to help patients relax and sometimes even drift off to sleep.

In our opinion, both types of anesthesia are equally safe. But studies find that many, many people are actually afraid to have general anesthesia. Although these fears may not be justified, the fears themselves can be quite real and can prevent people from having the procedures they may desire.

Here, at the Kass Center, we can perform almost any procedure on our website using local anesthesia and mild sedation alone. Of course, if you prefer general anesthesia to be “completely asleep”, we can arrange for this too as the local anesthesia option may not be right for everyone.

For those who do want local anesthesia, the advantages include less risk of being sick to the stomach after the procedure. And less cost too. Some of the procedures we offer under local anesthesia include eyelid surgery, forehead lifts, mini lifts (but maximum results!) such as the S Lift and the Weekend Lift, scar revisions, liposuction and fat transfer procedures, and of course, the incomparable Hetter Peel.

Don’t let your fear of anesthesia stop you from having the procedure you desire. Call the Kass Center to discuss your options today!

Vibration Anesthesia Device (VAD)

Have you been interested in aesthetic injection procedures such as Botox and Fillers, but avoiding them out of a fear of needles? Thankfully, Kass Center for Cosmetic Surgery has a solution just for you! Using the Blaine Labs Vibration Anesthesia Device (VAD), we can take the worry and pain out of injections. This handheld device uses vibrations and the Gate Control Theory of Pain, which states that by providing non-painful input to an area, the nerve “gates” are closed to painful stimuli.

To use the VAD, your doctor will press the device firmly against the area where you are going to have an injection. The mild vibrations stimulate the nerves and help close the nerve “gates” that would typically transmit a painful sensation during an injection. While still holding the device against the skin, the needle will be placed, but you won’t feel anything but the painless vibrations.

Benefits of the VAD include:

  • Significantly reduced or eliminated sensation of pain during injections
  • Non-toxic and not chemical-based
  • No negative side effects
  • No risk of harm

If you have questions about the Vibration Anesthesia Device and how it can eliminate worry and fear of injections, please call our office at (727) 522-3223!

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