Cosmetic Surgery – Finding the Right Surgeon

Submited by doctormultimedia on August 7, 2013

The field of cosmetic surgery has witnessed a tremendous rise in popularity in the past few decades, spurred by celebrity interest in procedures, and increased access to affordable treatments. The rapid growth of plastic surgery clinics throughout the United States makes it imperative that people understand what makes a good cosmetic surgeon. After all, these medical procedures can be as crucial as any major surgery. The decision to undergo treatment from the Kass Center for Cosmetic Surgery, a reconstructive and plastic surgery clinic located in St. Petersburg, is something that has the potential to completely change the life of the patient. Consequently, it is crucial that the clinic one chooses to perform these procedures should be of the highest quality supported by the expert knowledge patients have come to expect. Making the right choice for a cosmetic surgery will ensure you do not have to suffer from the effects of a procedure gone wrong.

Many factors should be considered by a patient contemplating cosmetic or plastic surgery. One of the first things that should be evaluated is the website of the clinic or the surgeon. This invaluable resource will offer a lot of information about what you can expect from a cosmetic surgery clinic and the kind of services they provide. The website of any cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic will ideally provide names of all the different kinds of treatments and procedures they offer. There should be detailed information about each of the procedures, what they will entail, how the patient will benefit from the procedure, and the time it will take the patient to recover and resume normal life after surgery. Next, the plastic surgery clinic should also offer facts and details about each procedure, what the patient can expect to feel during and after the surgery and a truthful analysis of the kind of results are expected.

The website of any cosmetic surgery clinic will generally offer before and after photographs of the previous surgeries performed by the surgeon. A patient should thoroughly analyze these, especially the ones related to the procedure he/she is electing. This will help gauge the technical skill and expertise of the surgeon and the clinic’s ability to meet a patient’s expectations. When analyzing such photos, the potential patient should be realistic about their expectations, understanding that each case carries its own unique potential for success.

A skilled surgeon, with his knowledge and experience, will be able to meet the patient’s expectations, while revealing the patient’s true natural beauty through the latest techniques expertly and sensitively applied. Therefore, before beginning to analyze the services offered by a clinic, a patient should always do some background research about the procedure and the results that can be obtained from it. This simple step will result in an overall satisfactory experience.

Dr. Lawrence Kass is a celebrated plastic surgeon and ophthalmologist who owns and operates the Kass Center for Cosmetic Surgery, where he helps many people improve their facial appearance with the help of his targeted techniques and procedures. He also writes informative articles about cosmetic and plastic surgery, and reconstructive surgery, sharing his experience and knowledge through academic and professional publications.