Getting in on the Learning Experience: Dr. Kass Training Workshop

Submited by Katherine on January 31, 2017

Here at the Kass Center we have a very exciting event coming up in March.  Dr. Kass has been selected to host a training workshop for medium-deep peels using croton oil/phenol formals.  Due to his international reputation, and over 3 decades of experience Dr. Kass will be leading this experience along with Drs. Harold Brody, Peter Rulian and Luitgard Wiest.

We will be very pleased to welcome 8-10 core physicians observing the procedures, as well as performing them.  Select Patients of the Kass Center will be participating in this learning experience that will be happening from March 31st– April 2nd.

We are very proud, as well as humbled, to have been chosen as a host to such a prestigious event.  This event is brought to us by the International Peeling Society (IPS).  The IPS is the only organization of its kind that is completely committed to the art, and study of chemical peels.  Being a member of the IPS guarantees that you have the highest training and skills in the art of skin peels.


Insight to the Peels:

There will be a variety of peels being performed at the workshop all of which can restore your natural youthful skin in different ways. One of the treatments is the Hetter Peel Resurfacing procedure. This particular peel was discovered by Dr. Gregory Hetter.  Originally peels of this kind were thought to have an active ingredient of phenol oil, but Dr. Hetter discovered, through a series of tests, that it was actually croton oil.  He then adjusted measurements of these core aspects to improve the formula.

This discovery would change the skin resurfacing world, and Dr. Kass took note of this.  Shortly after the formulas were released Dr. Kass reached out to Dr. Hetter to gain deeper insights into the formula, and solving any unanswered question along the way.  Dr. Kass has been performing these procedures since shortly after the articles were published back in 2000.  This is why Dr. Kass is one of the most experienced cosmetic physicians anywhere in the world with this skin treatment.

The Hetter peel can get rid of almost any skin imperfection you could think of including fine lines, wrinkles, tighten eyelids, improve crow’s feet, diminish frown lines, removing spots, flatten scars, even out pigmentation, and improve skin tone/texture. As you can see the benefits are extensive and the results are absolutely amazing to witness.

Along with the Hetter peel there will be other types of peels performed throughout the workshop.  These peels may include TCA peel, and Salicylic Acid Peel.  The TCA peels focus on color pigmentation correction, restoring sun damaged skin, riding the face of fine lines and wrinkles, and even clearing shallow acne scarring. In contrast the Salicylic Acid Peel focuses on oily skin and acne breakouts. To have your skin assessed from Dr. Kass, call today and book a consultation (727) 522-3223