Having just celebrated my 56th birthday

Submited by doctormultimedia on March 21, 2013

Having just celebrated my 56th birthday, I can’t help but reflect on my 27 years as a practicing physician, serving the Tampa Bay region. From the beginning of my practice in the early 80s, to today’s internet-driven, digital society, I have seen many changes in the medical field, its applications, and its procedures. My field has matured with the times, and continues to exhibit the freshness of approach paired with the wisdom of experience so crucial to surgical success.

What has not changed is my dedication to my patients. Their well-being, their medical care, and the satisfaction of their goals are of utmost importance to me. I find I derive great satisfaction from their happiness, as they become part of the Kass Center family.

Even greater pride is earned from the comments I receive, as patients say they have been told they look “refreshed,” and don’t appear to “have had work done.” That is the goal I strive for: a natural look that revitalizes the face, and restores quality of life.

I could not ask for greater reward.

Dr. Lawrence Kass is a celebrated plastic surgeon and ophthalmologist who owns and operates the Kass Center for Cosmetic Surgery, where he helps many people improve their facial appearance with the help of his targeted procedures including brow lift, facelift and eyelid surgery. He also writes informative articles about cosmetic and plastic surgery, and reconstructive surgery, sharing his experience and knowledge through academic and professional publications.