How to Choose the Right Surgeon for Your Cosmetic Procedure

Submited by Kassmd on June 25, 2021

How to Choose the Right Surgeon for Your Cosmetic Procedure

As cosmetic surgery continues to explode in popularity, one often overlooked and tricky aspect is finding the right person to carry out the desired procedure. Regardless of what treatment you seek, the decision is often a hugely personal one. Whether it is facelift, eyelid surgery, or even liposuction, these procedures require a professional who has a traceable track record.
No surgeon can guarantee you a perfect result. In fact, we at the Kass Center tell each of our patients that absolute perfection is not a realistic goal or expectation. But we do want each and every one of our patients to be highly satisfied with their results. We try very, very hard (harder than any other practice we know) to make our patients happy. This may account for why we have been in practice for so long and have so many positive online reviews.

After thirty-five years of practice in Tampa Bay, we have seen practically everything. Perhaps there is nothing more sad than seeing patients unhappy with the results from other surgeons, pleading with us to “fix” them. Many of these patients chose their surgeon strictly by cost. The need for secondary procedures will result in their spending far, far more of their hard earned dollars to provide them with the results they wished for the first time around. If you end up in inexperienced hands it is possible to incur huge costs, time, and even heartache. So, how can you find the right surgeon to give you the greatest likelihood of a lasting, satisfying and rejuvenating result? Here are valuable tips to consider.

Use a Reliable Referral List

A great way to land a great cosmetic surgeon is to use word-of-mouth recommendations from others such as family or friends who have had the same procedure that you are interested in. Once you have created a list of recommendations, the next step will be to contact the offices of each of the surgeons. Immediately, from how your phone call or email inquiry is answered, you can construe the level of professionalism and of customer support of the doctor by the behavior of the supporting staff.

Conduct Extensive Research Concerning the Cosmetic Surgeon

Shopping around for just the right doctor includes ample research. It is important to narrow down your search to someone who has credentials, is board certified, and has extensive experience with the specific procedure you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in eyelid surgery, it is not very helpful and you should not be swayed if you read multiple glowing reviews about a particular surgeon’s skill at breast augmentation. This is particularly true of general plastic surgeons who usually have minimal actual training in facial cosmetic procedures.

Check if they are members of any professional boards such as the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), as these are typically indicative of quality, professional, up-to-date with the latest techniques surgeons. Board certification implies that the surgeon is experienced and has the proper training and skills to perform a procedure. Requirements for membership in ABCS are quite rigid and only the best trained and responsible surgeons are eligible for membership. Quick searches can also show the doctor’s medical school and training.

Ask as Many Relevant Questions as You Can

Meeting your surgeon for the first time can be intimidating, but that shouldn’t stop you from asking questions about every aspect of the procedure. Remember, this is a life-changing step and choosing the right surgeon is of supreme importance.

Some of the most critical questions you may ask to include what precisely happens before, during, and after the surgical procedure. Know of the accompanying risks and side effects and if the treatment results are expected to meet your expectations.

Let the doctor explain the amount of downtime and recovery.

Ask all of your questions but definitely pay close attention not just to what the doctor says but just as importantly how he says it. Because there is NOTHING more important than for you to be comfortable with the procedure and with your surgeon.

If the surgeon rushes you, avoids answering any of your questions, or fails to adequately address your concerns, then our very best advice is for you to choose a different surgeon! In our opinion, there is nothing more important than choosing an experienced surgeon with whom you feel comfortable and confident that he or she is as interested as you are for you to achieve your goals.

Take Your Time

Never be in a rush for any cosmetic procedure. Instead, do ample research and be sure it is what you want. Experts advise that you go for a two-week cooling-off period before the actual treatment.

If you choose to proceed, you will be embarking on a journey together with your surgeon. The surgeon does this all the time. You do not. Make certain that you are confident in the experience and the wisdom of your surgeon. And be confident that he/she will be with you to help and support you through your journey together. Good luck!

For more information about choosing a surgeon for your procedure, or to schedule a consultation, contact Kass Center For Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery today.