Ouchless injections available now at the Kass Center

Submited by doctormultimedia on April 30, 2014

The latest technique in painless cosmetic injections is now available at the Kass Center For Cosmetic Surgery! Who enjoys the pain that some of us tend to feel as soon as we even see the needle coming towards us? No one! The very latest in injection technology is now available at the Kass Center at no extra charge to patients who love the look but not the needle. The Vibration Anesthesia Device, or VAD, interrupts pain signals sent to the brain, allowing a virtually pain-free experience for patients receiving Botox treatments and facial fillers.

Created by Blaine Labs in California, the battery-operated VAD is completely non-invasive, leaves no marks on the skin, and is more effective than traditional topical applications of Lidocaine or Ethyl Chloride, used to numb injection sites, with reported instances of rare but possible side effects. The VAD helps scramble pain signals by vibrating gently against the skin at the injection site, providing a more comfortable, painless patient experience.

Available upon request, patented VAD technology is another breakthrough in patient comfort and care. Be sure to ask for it when you make your next appointment at the Kass Center! Call us at 727.522.3223 and experience less-ouch and more wow – only at the Kass Center!

Dr. Kass carries out all the injections at my clinic himself. Injections are a procedure and should be conducted by the most experienced healthcare professional available. This ensures the best results possible.