Safe to Buy Chemical Peels Solutions from the Internet?

Submited by doctormultimedia on April 30, 2014

Buying TCA chemical peels from the internet is tempting but there are many things to consider, such as the integrity of the product and the consequences of misuse. TCA is an acronym for Trichloroacetic acid and before adding any chemicals to your website cart, consider the application of acid peels. The handling of such chemicals is reserved for licensed practitioners due to the severity of damage that can occur after misuse.

Quality skin institutes that offer specific peels, such as Obagi’s Blue Peel, are only available through authorized medical practices to certify the product and ensure that you and the physician review your medical history. After treatment, your doctor will provide home skin-care to aid in recovery. Do you receive a guarantee on acid percent or quality of chemical mixture you receive from the internet?
Chemical peels sold online have a legal disclosure claiming the purchaser is solely responsible for the misuse of the product and states the instructions do not replace any medical advice.

You deserve assurance on all products applied to your body. Before considering any peels, consult your doctor and discuss possible conflicting products that you currently use. Your doctor will ask about any history of viral infections and other questions to protect you from mitigating factors. These are important topics to explore before deciding which peel is best for you.

Attaining and Maintaining – For post-operative awareness

The first two questions at the forefront of any large investment is ‘how much?’ and ‘how long will it last’?  These questions are often applied when shopping for a car, a manicure, and yes, even a weekend facelift.  When first taking steps toward rejuvenation procedures, there is a natural desire to maximize results.

Though there is no formula to calculate the lasting effects of a facelift, one guarantee is that a surgical procedure far surpasses the lifespan of fillers, with the range of a couple months to a maximum of two years. How long a surgical procedure last varies depending on genetics, skin quality, and exposure to the elements.

The healing process is essential to the overall outcome of the cosmetic surgery. With any cosmetic surgery, whether the procedure is a sutured suspension neck lift, face lift, or eyelid surgery, the doctor will send you home with post-operative instructions. Avoid exposure to elements, meaning no prolonged sun or wind exposure.

Think of your procedure as a fresh new start with no obligations attached. Allow the healing process to run its course and then relish in your investment with confidence, requiring little to no maintenance!