Small Incision Face Lift Procedure – Weekend Lift

Submited by Kassmd on February 21, 2020

Sometimes you just need a little TLC to help restore your confidence and get you feeling your best again. Many people who look for cosmetic solutions are often discouraged by the hefty price tag and long recovery time of extensive surgical options. However, getting that special care that you deserve doesn’t have to take you away from your everyday activities or be overly expensive. Here at Kass Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we offer plenty of services that are ideal for those with active, busy schedules, and for those looking for a more affordable avenue of treatment. One of the services we offer that we’d like to highlight this month is our small incision facelift procedure, also known as the “Weekend Lift” or “S-Lift”.

What is the small incision facelift?

This procedure is for patients who are looking to reduce early signs of aging in the lower face and improve any mild signs of aging in the neck. Because of the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, the procedure itself and recovery time are very brief. However, do not mistake quantity for quality. While results vary from patient to patient, most experience significant improvement that is long-lasting with minimal downtime.

Is it safe?

Due to the minimally invasiveness of the procedure, it is generally safe for patients who are in overall good health. Dr. Kass will discuss your health and medical history with you during your consultation. Unlike more invasive treatments, general anesthesia is not required for this procedure. This makes the small incision facelift a great treatment option for those who aren’t candidates for more invasive procedures due to the fact that they struggle with high blood pressure.

During treatment, a local anesthetic is used to help keep you comfortable. As the name suggests, the incisions are much smaller than that of a traditional facelift, and there is no risk of facial nerve injury and only a minimal risk for bruising. The procedure is safe and effective for both men and women of all races and skin types.

Is this procedure right for me?

It is important to note that the small incision facelift is most beneficial for those who have minimal signs of aging in the cheeks and neck, or for those who have wrinkles in localized areas of the cheek, jowl, or neck. Dr. Kass will discuss your overall health, patient history, and treatment goals with you during your consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Be sure to bring a list of any medications you might be taking and let Dr. Kass know if you are a smoker.

Your consultation will determine whether a small incision facelift is the right treatment option for you. It is possible that you may be able to achieve your goals without a facelift at all, or that a different form of treatment may be prescribed at that time. In some cases where more progressed signs of aging are present, a different kind of facelift may be needed to achieve the desired result.

For more information about our services or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kass, contact Kass Center for Cosmetic Surgery today. We’d love to help give you that TLC you deserve!