Very Red Blotchiness 4 weeks after Phenol Peel. Will It Go Away?

Submited by doctormultimedia on December 17, 2013

Question: Very Red Blotchiness 4 weeks after Phenol Peel. Will It Go Away?
I have some pretty blotchy skin 4 weeks after the Phenol Peel. The main redness has subsided allot but there are areas where it’s still red, and my skin is very blotchy. It’s even hard to cover with make-up (and I have a spray make-up system which covers spots very well normally). I also have a line, like a scar running a couple inches across under my eye. Almost looks like a demarcation line, but it’s a ridge, like a scar. My main concern is whether the red blotchiness will go away.

Answer: Naturally, it is difficult to answer this question without seeing photos to better evaluate what you are referring to. Certainly, four weeks is very early to evaluate the results of your phenol peel. It might be best to refer this question to the doctor who did the procedure and who knows you best.

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