Selecting a Surgeon

Because of the increase in the popularity of cosmetic surgery, it is vital that potential patients know and understand the facts about choosing a cosmetic surgeon.

Looking at before and after photos of the surgeon’s results.

Seeing before and after photos of the surgeon’s previous patients that underwent your desired procedure can be extremely important in your decision making process. All results are not the same and many factors determine the final result of any cosmetic procedure. Looking at the photos together with the surgeon can provide a valuable perspective on his or her work and an opportunity to discuss what you hope to achieve. Find out if you are in agreement on what constitutes a “good result” and whether your respective ideas and goals are in sync.

See Dr. Kass’s before and after photo gallery. More photographs specifically related to your procedure can be seen during your initial consultation.

Discuss the various options regarding the manner in which to achieve your desired outcome.

Often there may be several techniques available to achieve improvements in your appearance. Your surgeon should discuss the various options, what each option can achieve, recovery time for each option and his or her corresponding recommendations.

Find out the anesthetic options for your chosen procedure and who will administer the anesthesia.

Depending on your chosen procedure, there may be varying anesthetic options. Discuss the options with your potential surgeon. Ask your surgeon the pros and cons of each. Ask if the cosmetic surgeon will have an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist working with him or her.

Any reputable cosmetic surgeon will welcome your questions and it is imperative to consider the following when you make a choice.

  • In what disciplines is he/she board certified?


  • What did the physician study in his/her residency?


  • What is the surgeon’s training with regard to the specific cosmetic surgery procedure you are considering?

Keep in mind cosmetic surgeons’ original disciplines and certifications may be in dermatology, head and neck surgery, general surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, ocular plastic surgery, plastic surgery and a variety of other surgical disciplines. Training in cosmetic surgery is mainly received after a physician completes a residency in his or her underlying discipline. Some physicians may have gone on to post-graduate training and taken a board examination specifically in cosmetic surgery administered by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery

The Society was founded in 1969 to establish a qualified body of surgeons who have training and experience in this specialized field of surgery. The purpose of the Society is to promote study, research, and training in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery. Fellowship in the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery indicates the surgeon has special interest and training in this subspecialty, and that he or she is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology or its equivalent. While board certification and fellowship cannot guarantee a perfect surgical result, these credentials do identify the member surgeon as one who has met specific training requirements.

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery is a professional medical society whose members are dedicated to patient safety and physician education in cosmetic surgery. Most members of AACS are dermatologic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, head and neck surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, general surgeons, plastic surgeons or ocular plastic surgeons-all of whom specialize in cosmetic surgery. AACS is the organization that represents cosmetic surgeons in the American Medical Association through its seat in the AMA House of Delegates.

Dr. Lawrence Kass was an early member of the highly selective and prestigious American Society of Oculo-Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and is one of only a handful of Diplomates in Cosmetic Facial Surgery recognized by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery in the entire state of Florida. Dr. Kass proudly maintains his membership in the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Medical Association, and the Florida Medical Association. He is a past president of the Tampa Bay Ophthalmology Society.

Read more about Dr. Kass’s background, education and experience.

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