What can facial and eye plastic surgery do for me?

Cosmetic facial and eye plastic surgery is not a fountain of youth, but it can effectively reduce the tired and sad appearance of your jowls and of your neck, reduce puffy eyelids, bags below your eyes, wrinkles, acne scars, “smokers’ lines” around the mouth, growths, and improve sun-damaged skin. It is very important to discuss your goals and expectations with Dr. Kass during your initial consultation visit.

 Will the surgery hurt?

For most of the procedures that Dr. Kass does, there is little or no discomfort (during or even after the procedure). Of course, each procedure is different, and every patient has a unique threshold of discomfort. But most of the time, our patients report back how amazed they were that they never experienced any discomfort at all!

How long will it take to recover?

Following surgery, you will need to give yourself time to heal. Bruising and swelling are temporary inconveniences. Our staff will advise you to avoid certain medications and herbal preparations before surgery to minimize bruising. Cosmetics can be invaluable as a temporary camouflage that can often be applied shortly following many procedures.

How soon can I go back to work?

In most cases, recovery time is five to ten days, depending on factors such as your age, general health, and the extent of your aesthetic procedures. Patients find that they can often return to telephone and computer work within days of their procedures. We have had a number of patients able to return to work the very next day (and a handful of patients who actually began working on the very same day) of their procedures!

How long does the improvement last?

The results can last for many years. Your results will depend on your unique skin type and how you care for your skin after surgery. If you carefully protect your skin from damaging sun-exposure, you will have a second chance at slowing down the sunlight-related aging process.

Are there scars after surgery?

There are always scars. However, in many cases the scars are hidden or so small that they are not noticeable. For example, the endoscopic forehead lift scars are very small and are hidden behind the hairline. For a facelift, the scars are inconspicuously placed around the ears. For lower eyelid surgery, the scars may actually be hidden behind the eyelid so that there is no outer skin scar at all!

Will my medical insurance cover the procedure?

Cosmetic surgeries are generally not covered by insurance.

How much is the surgery going to cost?

In order to provide you with fees for procedures, Dr. Kass needs to see and evaluate your case. Each patient is different and has his or her own combination set of problems, options, concerns and structural/functional and aesthetic goals which must be addressed individually and personally. Dr. Kass truly prides himself on striving to correct for you the areas of your greatest concern within a budget that you can afford. Especially in the current economic climate, Dr. Kass strives to provide the greatest potential improvement with the greatest value for your money. Naturally, Dr. Kass is aware of what others in the community are charging for similar procedures and sets his fees accordingly. Although his fees are comparable to others in the community, Dr. Kass pledges to provide you with the greatest professionalism, sense of ease, and the highest quality of medical care available anywhere.

Is it to my benefit to do more than one procedure at a time? Will I save money?

Of course. There is cost savings to doing multiple procedures at the same time because by doing multiple procedures, there is only one use of the operating room and of the anesthesia and there is only one postoperative course. For example, doing the upper and lower eyelids at the same time is not as costly as doing just the upper eyelids and returning to do the lower eyelids six months later. Similarly, doing all four eyelids and a facelift together costs less than the total price of paying separately for each procedure over two operating sessions. Aside from cost savings, patients benefit from having multiple procedures done together because it means only one recovery period.

When is payment for surgery due?

For services which are not covered by insurance our office will require at least a deposit to confirm the date of surgery and then the balance two weeks before the surgery is performed.

Can I finance my surgery?

Yes. We have several different financing options available. CareCredit is one of our most popular options. We encourage you to ask early in the conversation if this is an issue.

Where will my surgery be performed? Will my surgery be performed under general or local anesthesia?

Today, these types of procedures are rarely performed in hospitals, because there is no need for hospitalization, hospitals have markedly higher costs, and because there are real risks of hospital based infections. Dr. Kass performs most of his procedures either in Ambulatory Surgical Centers or in his office, depending on patient preference and on what procedures are being done. Almost always, the procedures can be done either under general or under local anesthesia and there are advantages to each. Before surgery, Dr. Kass will definitely discuss these issues with you to make sure that you will be the most comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Is the staff  ACLS certified?

Yes the staff here at the Kass Center for Cosmetic Surgery is ACLS certified.

How long do I need to be in town after my procedure?

After any surgical procedure, Dr. Kass would request that you stay in town (or relatively nearby), for at least one to two weeks, depending on what it is that you have having done.

What should I avoid during my recovery period?

Typically, we ask patients to refrain from doing any activity that has the potential to raise blood pressure such as exercising, bending, lifting, brisk walking and sexual activity. However, we do all types of procedures on people of varying health so most people can resume all normal activities within a week or two. We do ask that, if possible, patients not take medicines or supplements which thin the blood, from two weeks before to one week after the surgery. These include aspirin, ibuprofen, Aleve, Motrin, Excedrin and Coumadin. Also, avoid vitamins E & C and herbal supplements such as Gingko Biloba and St. John’s Wart.

When will my first follow up appointment be scheduled?

Anywhere from 1 – 10 days following surgery. Dr. Kass will determine this on the day of your procedure. You will be given an appointment for your first post operative visit along with detailed instructions. If there are any questions, please feel free to call our office at any time and we will be happy to answer them.

When will my stitches be removed?

Normally within 7-10 days, or when the wound is adequately healed.

Can I do anything to minimize bruising and swelling?

Yes. Sleep in a reclining (not horizontal) position for 1 week following surgery to minimize the collection of fluids in the face and eyelids.

Follow the instructions you will be given about making and administering your cold compresses. These will not only reduce bruising and swelling but also will maximize and promote healing. Take all of your medicine as prescribed. However, if you feel that one of them is causing a problem, then please stop it and contact our office for instructions.

What else should I do?

The most important thing for you to do is to … relax! Dr. Kass knows that you are nervous. In fact, he would be a little concerned if you weren’t at least a little nervous. And Dr. Kass knows and understands that you have not done this before. But please be reassured that we have. Many hundreds and thousands of times over 30 years in practice. You are in excellent, professional, and compassionate hands. Take a deep breath and relax. When it is over and you are healed, you will be delighted, both with your results and with the care you received. Really!

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