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Forehead Lift in St. Petersburg, FL

Want to get a browlift in Florida? Also known as a forehead lift, browlift surgery improves the look of the forehead and restores a sagging brow. As we age, our forehead lengthens and our eyebrows descend. This causes excess skin to build up on our upper eyelid and may result in unsightly furrows in the forehead as a compensatory mechanism. This can make you look angry or tired. Browlift surgery is one of the more popular surgical procedures amongst seniors in Florida.

Fortunately, a brow lift or forehead lift can give you a brand new, more youthful, and rested appearance. The procedure changes the muscles and tissues that cause furrowing in the forehead, creating a smoother forehead while elevating the eyebrows and reducing the upper eyelid skin.


See Clinical Descriptions of Selected Patients in Photo Galleries: Brow Lift Before and After Photos

Endoscopic forehead brow lift improves the visible signs of the aging process and results in a younger and happier appearance for years to come.

With traditional forehead surgery, a large incision was made behind or in front of the hairline. With the newer, state-of-the-art, endoscopic approach to forehead lifts, only a few small incisions are used. This approach allows the cosmetic surgeon to see under the skin with a special camera called an endoscope. There is minimal scarring, and minimal pain and swelling to this approach. Patients may be able to return to work in as little as four days.

Eyebrow (forehead) lifts are now most commonly performed through an endoscopic approach. It is often combined with cosmetic eye or eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or with procedures on the lower face such as a midface lift, S lift, or lower face lift.

This revolutionary advance in rejuvenating the upper face and forehead has resulted in greatly reducing the size of the incisions and therefore, greatly reducing the pain and postoperative swelling associated with earlier techniques. In fact, the incisions used for endoscopic brow lifts are so small that Dr. Kass does not hesitate to offer this procedure even to men with thinning hair.

Ask Dr. Kass to show you actual photos which demonstrate how well these tiny incisions heal.

When the endoscopic brow lift first became popular, some surgeons used metal screws for fixation and these were a problem for many patients. Even today, some cosmetic and facial plastic surgeons use dissolving screws and plates which may be palpable for months and which may have unpredictable results. From the beginning, Dr. Kass has used a unique suture technique which he, himself, developed to bring lasting and predictable results to his patients. Endoscopic brow lifts are most commonly performed by ophthalmic plastic, oculofacial and facial plastic surgeons.

Dr. Kass has performed this procedure on so many satisfied patients during his successful career. Why trust your face to anyone else?

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