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Join Dr. Kass as he shares his expertise on Silikon-1000.

What is Silikon 1000?

Silikon 1000 is a medical-grade silicone oil first developed to fix detached retinas. More recently, it has become a popular beauty treatment, and has proven an effective and practically an ideal liquid filler for the face.

Other liquid facial fillers are absorbed easily by the body so that their results are only temporary. The Silikon 1000 filler is unique in that it is not absorbed or broken down by the body, so that it stays intact and provides PERMANENT results.

The use of Silikon 1000 as a cosmetic treatment

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For 30 years, both dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have used Silikon 1000 to improve the skin’s appearance, and with great success. As it was not originally designed for cosmetic use, Silikon 1000 is not licensed by the FDA for cosmetic use.

However, the FDA has allowed licensed physicians to use the filler for “off label” purposes, much like Botox® is licensed to be used as a cosmetic treatment for the lines between the eyebrows but cosmetic surgeons use it in many other places “off-label.” Silikon 1000 has a decades-long history of safe and effective use for cosmetic enhancement.

Medical-grade silicone oil composition such as Silikon 1000 has proven to be an exceptional, long-lasting filler that can be used on most areas of the face as well as to other areas of the body. Silikon 1000 works by causing the formation of new collagen around each microdroplet of Silikon 1000 injected, hence creating PERMANENT volume in the area injected.

Silikon 1000 can be used anywhere (in any part of the body) that standard, commercial grade fillers are used. Most commonly, Silikon 1000 is used in the lips, the nasolabial folds, the Marionette lines, and for depressed acne scars.
To our knowledge, there have been zero complications of the dreaded vascular occlusion type which has been seen with most commercial dermal fillers.

Because Silikon 1000 is not approved for a cosmetic indication as a dermal filler, it is not marketed as such by the company which makes it. This may explain why you may not have heard of it. Because it is not “approved” by the FDA, its use as a dermal filler is somewhat controversial. It’s easy to find doctors and patients who warn people away from having liquid silicone injected. It is a decision that you must make for yourself.

All we can say about this is that Dr. Kass has successfully used Silikon 1000 for at least a dozen years without a problem. And he learned this technique from the late Dr. Jay Barnett from NYC who had used Silikon 1000 for upwards of forty years with the same experience.

Silikon 1000 is a remarkably inert, viscous liquid which yields exceptional results which are PERMANENT. In the expert hands of Dr. Kass who is highly experienced with the necessary microdroplet technique of injection, it is practically an ideal dermal filler. Because its effect is PERMANENT, Dr. Kass tells each patient that the goal is to slowly fill in the treated area and that most of the time, 2-5 treatments are necessary to achieve the desired results. As he explains it, if you are trying to fill in a ten foot hole, then he uses Silikon 1000 to fill in three feet at a time until the desired result is achieved.

Patients are usually asked to wait at least two months between treatments. But most patients see results after only a single treatment (see photos of an actual patient on this page). Once the Silikon 1000 is injected, the body forms collagen around the injected microdroplets imparting even further volume with time.

Unlike commercial fillers, Silikon 1000 is not supplied in pre-packaged syringes. Dr. Kass draws up the amount desired for injection. The cost of Silikon 1000 injections vary by the amount of material used but typically range from $1000–$3000 per treatment.


Before and After Photos

Years of experience has shown that when used by properly qualified cosmetic and plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Kass, who is a board certified ophthalmologist and plastic surgeon, there is a very low risk of any
adverse side effects.

Silikon 1000 is used for lip augmentation, treatment of scars, sagging issues around the eyes, and to improve the appearance of the nose area in particular the nasolabial fold. It is also used on deep wrinkles and on frown lines, especially those
across the bridge of the nose and those around the mouth.

Patients who are showing the early stages of aging in their face can often avoid having a surgical face lift with the help of a skilled cosmetic surgeon and Silikon 1000.

Use of Silikon 1000 to fill in small areas such as dips and dents on the nose are very effective and can prevent the patient from needing surgery to correct these imperfections.

How does Silikon 1000 work?

Tiny drops (micro-drops) of Silikon 1000 are injected into the area that needs to be filled. Your body then forms collagen around each droplet, which means that the area is slowly filled with more body tissue. Injections are spaced out over a month or so to give your body time to produce collagen and to ensure that the area does not become over-filled.

Is Silikon 1000 for me?

If you want to have a cosmetic procedure that involves a filler, then Silikon 1000 is usually a good choice.

It is vital that you only allow a very experienced cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist to use Silikon 1000 on you. Bear in mind that the results, be they good or bad, are permanent.

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