Festoons (Eye Bags) Treatment in Tampa Bay

What are Festoons?

Festoons are unattractive bags on the cheeks which occur in some people creating a fatigued look to the face. They are also called cheek or malar bags, or even malar mounds. When they are pronounced, they are difficult to cover with makeup and may cause seriously deleterious effects on one’s appearance. What is worse is that some folks, who may not know better, assume that the person with them suffers from a lack of sleep or excessive drinking.

Unlike bags in the lower eyelids, festoons are not due to herniated or anteriorly protruding orbital fat, and they are not improved with eyelid surgery. In fact, cosmetic surgery on the lower eyelids, which does not address the festoons, may even make them appear worse by removing the eyelid fullness above the festoon.

Patients may go from doctor to doctor seeking help and may actually be told (falsely) that that this is a non-treatable condition. This is because traditionally, festoons have been difficult to treat. Non invasive procedures such as Botox and fillers, microneedling, thread lifts, radiofrequency treatments such as Thermage simply do not help. As mentioned above, festoons are not improved with traditional lower eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty). Unfortunately they are not improved with a traditional facelift procedure either.

See Clinical Descriptions of Selected Patients in Photo Galleries: Festoon Elimination Before and After Photos

If any surgeon says that he knows how to treat festoons, ask to see before and after photos of other patients he or she has treated whose festoons look similar to yours. He or she should be able to show you photos of at least several patients that they have successfully treated. In our opinion, festoons can only be treated by an oculofacial plastic surgeon.

And if your non-oculofacial plastic surgeon suggests that he or she can treat your festoons either with commercial fillers or by Fat Transfer (normally a wonderful procedure for other conditions), we suggest that you run, don’t walk, away from that surgeon before he or she causes you irreversible harm to your appearance.

Vigorous laser resurfacing and direct festoon excisions may be fraught with prolonged healing times, pigmentary changes with obvious demarcation lines, undercorrections, or unsightly scars.


We believe that Dr. Kass has developed treatment options for this difficult problem which have proved greatly successful in the vast majority of the patients he has treated. Treating the festoons with a combination of ligation or cauterization of festoon feeder vessels, excision of hypertrophied orbicularis muscle with orbicularis muscle plication, a midface lift, and, if necessary, a unique resurfacing technique, Dr. Kass avoids the unacceptable scars associated with direct surgical excision, and also avoids the use of costly, less predictable, and more dangerous laser procedures.

There are very few surgeons, even amongst the super selective field of oculofacial plastic surgery, who have the requisite knowledge and experience to perform such delicate procedures near the eye. And even among these few who do, most of the others rely on severely burning the skin with invasive laser treatment which could result in permanent pigment abnormalities. We truly believe that our treatment options are superior and our many, many happy patients can attest to this fact. Of course, there are never any guarantees with surgery and healing times and individual results may vary. But Dr. Kass’ results really surpass the expectations of the vast majority of our patients who are thrilled with the outcomes we have achieved. Furthermore, the chances of festoon recurrences are extremely low.

Dr. Kass has treated so many patients who are desperate and despairing because of their unsightly festoons. He routinely treats patients who come to him from far away for his expertise and the excellent results that he achieves.

Please see our before and after photo gallery to see the results which we have achieved and then decide for yourself if this treatment is right for you!







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Still not sure? Here’s what some of our patients have said:

Festoons and Upper Eyes *****

5 months post-op

I had upper and lower eye lid surgery as well as had my festoons treated. Dr. Kass and his staff were wonderful and made me feel taken care of throughout the surgical process. I healed beautifully and would highly recommend Dr. Kass for anyone considering eyelid surgery.

Eyelid Surgery and Festoon Treatment *****

2 months post-op

Wonderful experience and staff. I had my upper and lower eye lids and festoon treatment done by Dr. Kass. I was so tired of people asking if I was tired or “ok” before surgery because I had loose skin around my eyes. Now I look refreshed and younger and feel better too. My results were so great that my mother scheduled her surgery shortly after mine. We both are very happy and would highly recommend Dr. Kass.

Festoons Malar Mounds – A FIX !! *****

6 months post-op

It has been a full six months since my surgery with Dr Kass so now I’ve pretty much reached the final result it’s time to write a review. Just one look at the pictures show that the results are outstanding. Rather than wax lyrical about how wonderful Dr. Kass and his staff are (I enjoyed dealing with them – but that’s subjective) I’m going to simply list out practical information relevant to the questions I had when I embarked on this surgery adventure.

Cost and method
I had the festoons treated and my brow lifted. The cost for both procedures was about 25% less than the other cosmetic the other widely publicized cosmetic surgeon in Florida that treats festoons through aggressive ablative laser treatment. Dr Kass did not discuss his exact method, but judging by the short incision hidden in a natural smile line, and the way the swelling resolved over the days and weeks, I suspect he used a thin cauterizing probe to fuse the malar pockets shut from the inside without damaging the surface of the cheek.

I was given twilight happy meds and I found the surgery to be a curious non-experience. I was vaguely aware somebody was prodding the top of my head. The entire surgery seemed to last for about 5 minutes – although in reality several hours passed. And then I remember finding myself dozing peacefully in my hotel room with my face all bandaged up.

Healing and scars
80% of the busing and swelling was gone within 8 days. The red line of the scars to about 8 weeks to fade. I was able to hide the scar with makeup. I’m a guy, so this was new to me – so for the sake of other guys reading this I’ll explain: I purchased a tube of Mabelline Master Conceal off Amazon for about $6. I picked the color I guessed was closest to my skin tone. I dabbed a tiny dot of it onto the end of each scar using a Q-Tip swab, and drew it along the scar. It looked terrible – wrong color, far too light. I then smudged it with the tip of my finger and like magic, the color blended with my skin and the scar disappeared. I was surprised how easy it was.

Other Practicalities.
Tamp Airport is well signposted, and very simple to navigate compared to monster airports like Dallas DFW or London Heathrow. Just step outside of the airport terminal and call an Uber – it will stop right by the curb where you are standing. The fare to the hotel was $29.

The most convenient hotel is La Quinta – 66387 4th St. It is literally a 7 minute walk along the same street to Dr Kass’ office. The hotel was clean and ‘OK’ – the service was non existent because it was during the Covid pandemic – but there were several great cafés and restaurants within 10 to 15 minutes’ walk south of the hotel. The sidewalks were clean and pleasant to stroll along, but the roads are very wide – you need to use the crosswalks to cross them. – and grub hub will deliver if it is raining.

I arrived the afternoon before the surgery, checked in to the hotel and then met with Dr Kass. The surgery was the following morning. I went home two days after that. Your mileage may vary.

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