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The neck is probably the second most visible portion of a person’s body, right after the face, and is arguably the second place we begin to show our age (after the eyes). There are several reasons for this. Some people’s necks may seem too fleshy, or the neck may lack definition. Perhaps because of being overweight, the neck may be too large compared to the face. Even after extensive weight loss, excessive fat typically remains in the neck and in the face, and persistent sagging skin can remain unsightly and embarrassing.

The Neck Lift Procedure

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A neck lift is a procedure designed to give better definition to the neck and jaw line, lessen horizontal creases and wrinkling, diminish vertical banding, and relieve the dreaded “turkey-wattle” which makes us look old before our time. It is an extremely versatile procedure that improves the appearance of the neck, helping those showing the earliest signs of aging, as well as older patients with more pronounced changes. Regardless why the neck appears less than “perfect”, a neck lift can usually result in vast improvement. The procedure is incredibly versatile for both young adults and older people because it can so easily be combined with other procedures such as facelift, brow lift, mid face or cheek lift, and eyelid surgery for maximal results.

A Neck Lift Can Result In A Lifestyle Change

Adults between the ages of 30 and 70 often become self-conscious about excess skin and fat in their neck. During a neck lift, excess fat and skin can be removed. Unsightly vertical bands can be divided and markedly reduced. Sections of skin and fat are trimmed and lifted into place. The lifted skin can be contoured to create a pleasing neck and jaw line.

A neck lift can often become a lifestyle altering procedure. To others it may seem as if you have lost a lot of weight. Most commonly, people won’t even notice that your neck muscles, fat, and skin have been surgically improved, but they may comment about how refreshed and how youthful you are looking. This is because the incisions are so small and are placed within normal skin creases.

Necklift - Before & After


Dr. Kass and Suture Suspension

Dr. Kass specializes in neck re-contouring with suture suspension and liposuction. He has found this procedure is often invaluable to patients who would otherwise be early candidates for a facelift.

These patients have a poorly defined neck and an underdeveloped angle between the neck and the jaw. The suture suspension technique is minimally invasive, and allows for a defined neck and jaw line contour and a well-developed angle while avoiding larger incisions and invasive dissections. This means a faster recovery for you.

A neck lift is a practically painless outpatient surgical procedure. It can take years off of your appearance, and looking younger will almost certainly make you feel better about yourself.

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