Earlobe Repair in Tampa Bay

For Stretched, Ripped, and Torn Earlobes

How does the earlobe get damaged?

Earlobes are made entirely of soft tissue, and wearing earrings leave the lobes susceptible to damage. This can be the result of wearing heavy earrings, or earrings accidentally being pulled, or intentionally stretched from wearing gauged earrings. Earrings may get caught in clothing or a comb, or pulled by a brush. A skilled plastic surgeon can correct damage to the lobe, and, with continued care, they can even be re-pierced to accept earrings after a few weeks of healing.

Split Earlobe Repair

Split Earlobes are usually caused by prolonged use of heavy earrings or accidental pulling and tugging on an earring by a child or during hair combing. When earrings are too heavy, ear piercings tend to stretch and elongate because the entire weight of the earring is transferred to the bottom of the ear piercing via a thin hook or clasp. As a result, a high pound to square inch force is applied to the earlobe. Stretching is either partial or full which is a complete split.
Done properly, results offer a more smooth and even scar with less chance of scar indentation, and a viable lobe able to bear re-piercing and moderate weight.

Gauged earlobe repair

Gauged earlobe stretching is the gradual expansion of a simple ear piercing in order to fit in larger and larger size plugs. The excessive stretching of earlobes by expanders known as gauges causes severe thinning and distortion of the earlobe tissues. The more severe the distortion, the more difficult it is to repair the gauged ear lobe when restoring it to a normal or near normal shape. There is no established method or technique for repairing gauged earlobes. The plastic surgeon has to rely on his plastic surgery knowledge and experience.

Earlobe reduction

Some individuals are born with larger than average earlobes which can cause a certain degree of concern and self consciousness. Correction considers the existing discrepancy of size or asymmetry and would be modified accordingly, with creation of an even and symmetrical result is the ultimate goal. Earlobe reduction is performed under local anesthesia, there is no down time and healing takes 6-7 days. Over the counter pain medication is adequate to control post operative discomfort if present.

Repair of Earlobes with stretched holes

Stretching or elongation of the earlobe piercing is the result of wearing heavy earrings or an accidental pull on the earring by a child or getting caught in clothing and sometimes during hair combing. The stretch could be large enough for studs to fall out. The best method of correction is to completely close the stretched hole and try re-piercing a few months later. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. Post operative healing takes about one week and there is no downtime. The procedure takes approximately 40 minutes per ear. Over the counter pain medication is adequate to control post operative discomfort if present.

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